He's soooo silly. -g- But, alas, I don't know him very well. Just that he works toooooo much!

He sent me like twenty million Voice Messages on ICQ. -faints- He's that Sexy Drunken Scot Guy. -cheesey grin-

Met him in Joe's. He's silly.

He's a special friend to me. I haven't talked to him in AGES, though. -pout-

The Piper
He's also very special. I RP with him every once in awhile in Castle. It's fun. -g-

The Real Buddy
Erm, he's a buddy. -g- Met him in Castle, through the Veggie War. That was soooo much fun. I added him to my ICQ list and we started talking. He's a doll.

Universal Mage
He's from AK and is quite...odd at times. -l- In a good way of course. He's such a sweetie. -ggls- And he sent me Dragon's Blood! Through Alith, but he still sent ME some...-g-

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