Freeservers - A great place to get a free webpage!

Email-Roleplay - An email roleplay created by me (a little shameless promotion hehe...).

Monarchy - A great game to play. Very addicting.....hehe...

Chathouse - A great place to chat.

Desktop Publishing Resources - A great place to find links to hundreds of sites filled with graphics.

Ball Boutique - A great place to find graphics.

Cats'n'Kittens' Designs - A great place to find cat backgrounds and images.

Angela's Background Sets - Another great place to find background sets and images, cats, dogs, christmas, or nature, I recommend this site.

Meggie's Site - Some of the names on my site are brought to you by Megan, one of my really good rp buddies. -g- Take some time to check out her site!

Marley A.K.A. Relram's Site -'s just a great site brought to you by the letters M, A, R, L, E, and Y. -ggls-

Alia's Site - She's got some great stuff on there. -g- Go and check it out!

House Veldrin

House Veldrin website, maintained and operated by Stinky-Butt (Cheryl) and myself. We created the characters and the website. -grins- Take the time to check it out!

JavaFILE...FREE Java and Javascripts!

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