Literature Page

Welcome to my Literature page. I love to read and write so I thought I'd dedicate an entire portion of my website to literature. (I also work in a library!-l-)

The following are all links to my own poetry, stories, etc.

The Case of the Body

Just a Little Problem



The Thing

The following is a link to the story I'm writing with Marley and Alia.

Story Index

The following is a link to my Roleplay page, where I have all kinds of really cool stuff from roleplays I've done....-g-

Storylines Index
-This page is replacing the Roleplay Index page.-

Email Roleplay that I'm running

The following are links to pages that I've found on the internet that have to do with literature or the arts in general. One is created by my dear Relram Ressis...-ggls-

Relram's Lit Page

Alia's Library Page!


Encyclopedia Mythica

The Science Fiction Book Club Website

Britannia; Index: Myths & Legends

New York Public Library

Myths and Legends

Middle Earth

Lord of the Rings

Image Archive

Fantasy Pics

Goddess Art of Jonathon Bowser

Web Clip Art

Do you know of any really great literature sites or better yet do you have one?! Or even better yet do you have any stories you'd like me to put on my webpage with full credits to you (all I'll do is the HTML)? Email me ( Subject: Lit)