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One night as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, words started to form in my mind. I turned on the light and grabbed a notebook and scribbled some verses on the back cover of the notebook. I read it and realized how much from the heart this poem had come. No other poem that I have ever written has come from the heart like this one. When I wrote it, it was shortly after midnight on August 13th, 1998. This poem comes straight from my heart and I share it with each and every one of you that has come to read it. I love you all so much and owe so much to you.

A Friend

A friend is someone
with whom I can share
everything that I
hold so dear.

A friend is someone
who cares about me
despite my faults
and difficulties.

A friend is someone
who loves me for me
and not for who
they want me to be.

A friend is someone
who will lend me a hug
when I need one most
or am feeling much like a slug.

A friend is someone
who cares constantly
about the choices I make,
whether they be a mistake.

A friend is someone,
at least to me,
that I consider is kind and true.
That friend to me
would be none other than

In the Dark

Part One
Blood spills
Cold chills
Down my spine
A flash of light
A growl
In the dark
A scream in the night
I look at the clock
Beside my bed
I look beside me
My husband is dead
I hear a voice
Not like a lark
In the dark
I see a shadow
In the black
Someone is there
But where?
Who is she that
Lingers there?
Across the room
She carries a broom
The night is dark
But hark!
I hear a laugh
I think of a bubble bath
She looks upon me
I am scared
She does not waiver
I tremble and quaver
Then the light turns on
It was all for fun!

Part Two
My husband is dead
And I am glad
I pull him from the bed
I throw him on the floor
We pull him through the door
And down the stair
Down to the basement
We bury him there
Then Niccoli
And I
Go to the kitchen
With Donny and Mitchen
Michelle comes down
In clothes as black as night
She does not frown
"When are we going
To get rid of my
Husband, Ted?"
She said.

Two Choices

A breath
A scream
A cry
A flash of light
A growl in the night
A whine
A bark
A mew
A light
I awake from my sleep
I crawl out of bed
I look out the window
Everything is dead
I see a shadow
Run across the lawn
I feel I am just a pawn
Of something dark
That hides within
The wind calls
The rain falls
I run downstairs
I am scared
I see a light
Just ahead in the night
While the wind blows
The light glows
I have no light
To see with
I flip the switch
To see who is there
But nothing happened
The lights are dead
Except the mysterious light ahead
I hear a voice
It gives me a choice
Between two things
One is surrender
And I will die
The other is flight
And I'll see the light
This voice does not lie
I can tell.
What kind of spell
Is this? I wonder
I decide my decision
And flee
I see
The light
Because of my flight
The voice lied
Or did not tell all
Because I died
Before I began to fall
I saw the light
But it did not break
The night
There is nothing to lack
Then all went black

Say Goodbye

Note: This one is actually a song.-g-

The sun shines
And I hide
The moon roams
I shy away

You made me cry
My tears I hid
I'm gone forever
Say goodbye

I ran away
I had no choice
I stopped saying 'Hi'
I couldn't lie
To you...

You made me cry
My tears I hid
I'm gone forever
Say goodbye

Tis a sweet farewell
For me
But for you
It is not

I could not stay
I was scared
To tell the truth
I still love you

You made me cry
My tears I hid
I'm gone forever
Say goodbye

I'll always love you
Though I'm far away
I'll sleep the
Night away
Without you...

You made me cry
My tears I hid
I'm gone forever
Say goodbye

I hide away
No you cannot play
With my heart
Any longer

I ran away
Cause I could not lie
To you any more
That's one thing
I had to stop
My heart cries
For you
But I could not stay

Say goodbye...

No True Night

No true night is not of sorrow
My heart is not my soul
Summer is colorful
Summer is beauty

Light My Road

I scream about the shadow of power behind my music.
Delicate gifts of deliciously frantic rain shine like the sun.
Smearing blood with true love is sordid.
I cry when in need.
Summber sleeps & I live on the sea
Beneath the sky.
I whisper death.
So, light my road...


This one word
Means so very much.

She works hard
To make everythin' nice.
She smiles bright
Despite the pain.

She watches
As I grow up.
She cares for me
Through all the tears.

She does not lie.
She tries not to cry.
She is special
To all that love her.

-this 6-lettered word
Means so very much.

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©Melissa R. Finch, All rights reserved.